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Friday, June 24, 2005


Well the bus strike never happened as scheduled, though I understand they are to stop running tonight. So I could have gone to the beach today, as planned, but by the time I found out from Zoe what the scoop was on the transit, it was after mid-day and not a good time to go fry yourself. Instead I went back over to Chris's and watered down the courtyard and plants, sat awhile reading, had a nap, sorted out my back-pack and toddled back over to Dinaz where I've been killing time on the computer. So there's no great adventures to report for today...just a curious story about a dog at the crosswalk.

This happened Wednesday evening when I'd gone to the Web Cafe right after returning from the beach. I was walking down to Syntagma Square and noticed, across the street, lying in front of a trash can right beside the crosswalk, a big tawny-coloured dog. There were people gathered about and at first I thought the dog had been hit and was injured, but later realized there were just people waiting to cross busy Stadiou Street. I walked down to the web cafe, did my emailing and then went back to sit at McDonald's for a snack. It's a great place for people-watching too. And the dog was still there, exactly where he'd been an hour or so earlier.

I watched to see if anyone was concerned over him, or if he seemed in distress. He occasionally lifted up on his front legs and barked at passing traffic, but was mostly lying down or watching the passers by. He didn't budge even when another stray dog wandered by.

Why was that dog there? Was he really injured, perhaps paralyzed so he couldn't get up on his hind haunches? Nobody seemed to care, not even the dog. Or was he just planted there to reserve his cool spot for lounging and people watching? The strays of Athens love to just lay themselves down in the middle of the sidewalks or whereever there is a cool spot on the marble pavement. They sleep there as if they are dead and don't budge for anyone.

I meant yesterday to look for the doggie again, but didn't pass by that way. If he was hurt, I hope someone phoned the Hellenic Humane Society because the poor fellow couldn't last too long in this heat without water and care. I'm going down that way tonight to meet a friend at McDonald's so I'll look for him. Maybe he's just the watch-dog of the crosswalk.

McDonalds? you say, aghast. Yes folks, after a few weeks of Greek cuisine I find myself resorting to the fast-food I rarely ever eat at home. Besides, as I said, it's a good place to hang out and watch the passing parade.

Tomorrow I'm going with Dinaz to her friends beach home so that will make up for the loss of my swim today. Two more days. I'm trying to fill them with as much fun as possible.

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