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Monday, September 22, 2008


In all the years I've lived here in Vancouver, it took me until this week to make a trip up Grouse Mountain on the gondola. The last time I remember going up the mountain was years ago, when I was 14, accompanied by some young German students who teased me when I tried out my German language skills on them. This time, I was with another German friend, my young travel companion, Patrick. It was a good opportunity for me to finally make the trip up the mountain.

The gondola Skyride starts at the base of Grouse Mountain at about 300 metres and climbs to 1100 meters in twelve minutes. Quite thrilling as you sway above the treetops, and except the day was a bit hazy, a great way to see the panoramic view of the city and Georgia Straight.
After you arrive at the top of the mountain, there are several activities that you can enjoy although a couple of them, such as the Born to Fly movie at the Theatre in the Sky and the falconry demonstrations were finished for the season. We did enjoy the amusing lumberjack show where two loggers demonstrate various skills.
At the Refuge for Endagngered Wildlife exhibit we saw the two resident grizzly bears roaming around in their natural habitat. Once we went down the mountain again, we stopped to see the timber wolves in the Wolf Habitat near the parking lot.

We roamed around the mountain, enjoyed the glorious scenery and had a picnic. There are several restaurants on the mountain and a souvenier shop. But we had come mainy for the
thrill of the gondola ride and the lovely mountain scenery. There are trails you can hike, and for the hardy fit hikers, you can come up via the famous Grouse Grind rather than take the skyride to the top. Of course, in winter there are plenty of sports to participate in: skiing, snowboarding, skating, and sleigh rides.

You can also go on guided nature walks, helicopter rides or zoom over the treetops on the zip-line.

Your admission to the gondola includes some of the activities on the top.
For more information visit their website at
Be sure and take your camera because there are plenty of photo ops!

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Michelle Evans said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit! Great write-up :)

Wynn Bexton said...

Great place to spend a sunny day! thanks.

Barbara Martin said...

That log rolling competition requires fancy footwork.