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Sunday, March 27, 2011


It was an overcast day when I set off for my Sunday walk today.  I headed down to the Bay in the West End.  English Bay is one of Vancouver's most popular spots any time of year.  In the summer it's a busy beach scene and in other seasons it's a good place to relax, talk a walk, jog, in-line-skate or cycle.  The sea-wall that circles Stanley Park extends along the beach front as far as Sunset Beach just past English Bay.

As you approach the Bay and foreshore park you'll see a group of bronze laughing men at the corner.  These are part of the public art displays you'll see around the city.  I stop and check them out.  Always worth a chuckle or two.

Sun Dial

I never fail to discover new things when I'm walking.  Today, in spite of having been by here hundreds of times, I actually stopped to read the plaques around the Sun Dial and found that it is a dedication to 3 the greenhorns who staked the first land claim in this spot in 1862 at a time when this was all forested area. 

Sylvia Hotel

I headed down the sea wall walking west past the venerable Sylvia Hotel, a heritage building built in 1912, one of Vancouver's famous landmarks.  

Ships in English Bay

The day was cloudy and cool.  Out on the bay there was the usual fleet of tankers at anchorage.  It took just half an hour to walk from  English Bay to my favorite summer-time spot, Second Beach.  This is where I spend many leisurely hours in the summer, especially in the swimming pool.  It's also a good place to lounge or play on the sandy beach.  In the park nearby there are children's play areas and picnic tables under the trees.

Second Beach

There's a concession stand at Second Beach so I stopped for a coffee before heading back along the trail toward Lost Lagoon.  This time, I didn't walk along the Lagoon, but took the upper trail along the Rhododendron Garden.  There were actually a few in blossom.
Early Rhodies in Bloom 

It wasn't until I started out of the Park that I began to see more signs of Spring.  And when I got to Barclay Street, there were the cherry blossoms I was looking for! 

Perhaps by next week there's be more signs of Spring.  So why not come along with me on one of my Sunday walks?

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