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Monday, April 25, 2011

WALKS WITH RUTHAKI #3: A Sunday Walk in Stanley Park

Lost Lagoon Fountain, Stanley Park

There's nothing nicer on a mild Sunday than a long walk in Stanley Park.  Last week I didn't participate in the annual Vancouver Sun "Fun Run", instead I went on a marathon walk of my own through the quiet paths and around the lagoon at Stanley Park. 

It turned into a longer walk than anticipated because the bus routes were blocked off due to the Fun Run, but I wandered down from Robson and Denman Street to the edge of the Lagoon and set off from there.
There were lots of birds in the lagoon this day. It must have been the Blue Heron's nesting time as I saw an unusual number of them by the shore, as well as the usual gaggles of geese, ducks and swans.

Instead of taking the seawall walk, this time I cut through the Park via the road and walking under the big trees, stopping now and then to enjoy the views of English Bay and the Burrard Inlet.  My destination was the Ferguson Point Tea House as I had discovered a forgotten voucher for a meal that I had and wanted to use it before it expired.  As I learned later, I could have easily reached the Tea House by the seawall, but the stroll through the forested part of the park was a nice change.

Ferguson Point was originally the site of an army a garrison and the Tea House was once a mess for officers stationed there during World War II. Later it was used as a residence for the military, until the 1950's and opened as the Ferguson Point Tea Room in 1978.
It's a pleasant place to go for brunch, afternoon tea, or late lunches with a beautiful view of the Inlet from the windows.  It's a cozy atmosphere, and the day I was there the tables and couches were occupied by a lot of family groups.  I enjoyed a meal of fish and chips and a refreshing margarita. 

After my lunch I walked back along the seawall.  There were lots of walkers, joggers, cyclists and in-line skaters out that day enjoying the fresh air and sunshing.  The seawall is always one of my favorite places for a good long walk with stops now and then on the benches to enjoy the views and meditate.

Third Beach
I walked along as far as Second Beach and cut back through by the Lagoon Path into the Park itself where the Spring flowers are in bloom.  There were cherry blossoms and the flower beds were bright with daffodils, hyacinths and other spring blooms.  I enjoy strolling the gardens in the Park and walked through back to the bus loop just behind the Malkin Bowl tea house/restaurant.

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