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Friday, March 09, 2012

AN ART DECO FASHIONS EXHIBIT: Extravagent Glamour Between the Wars

This week my friend and I attended the opening of an outstanding exhibit of fashion at the Museum of Vancouver.  ART DECO CHIC: Extravagant Glamour Between the Wars is a display of sixty items of the Art Deco fashion of the 20's and 30's, curated by fashion historians Ivan  Sayers and Claus Jahnke.
The exquisite fashions bear labels of such famous fashion houses as Chanel, Lanvin, Vionnet, Patou and Schiaparelli.

We were invited to dress in the fashion ourselves and a great many of the guests did come attired in lavish outfits which made the reception preceding the exhibit opening so much fun!

Here's Jeni in her stylish outfit.

And me in mine.

The term 'Art Deco' dates back to an exhibition in Paris in 1925 that showed avant-garde creations of architects and designers. The design of the fashions marked the era and developed from the end of World War One characterized by a classic streamlined, geometric and symmetric look.

During this time in Canada women got their right to vote and chose to dress in a way that didn't objectify the female body such as the prewar styles of corsets and skirts. The new fashions showed they were politically and physically liberated. 

One of our favorite dressed on display was designed in honour of the opening of King Tut's tomb in 1922. The dress is a sandy greenish colour embroidered with Egyptian images.

By the 1930's the styles changed. The hemlines dropped and waistlines returned. By the end of the '30's skirts were full again.

1930's evening wear

It was hard to choose which were our favorites.  There were three we decided we liked best, but there are so many gorgeous gowns in the exhibit it was a difficult choice.  We both agreed that the fashions then were so becoming and feminine.  But I notice in this week's newspaper fashion edition that the style seems to be making a comeback. 

I loved this red embroidered evening dress.
Hat styles of the period.

1930's day wear

When I was a child, I always loved the fox and mink stoles women wore.

Accessories.  The Volkswagen Beetle was a purse. 

Gloves, shoes and accessories.

I remember when my very stylish Mom used to dress like this!

This was another one of our favorites -- a dusky mauve crepe with a dropped hemline. Very stylish!

Another favorite! 

More Accessories.

The exhibit is open until September 23 at the Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut Street.
For information on opening times and admissions:




Thirtytwo degrees said...

This is a great exhibit of high fashion in an era that is so much fun to recall. I love the flapper era...

Wynn Bexton said...

It seems the fashions for Spring are reminiscent of this era.