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Saturday, September 01, 2012


I have to admit that it has been about twent-three  years since I last visited Science World. That was when my now adult grandson was four years old and I’d taken him there to see a dinosaur exhibit. We no sooner had walked into the hall with all the gigantic prehistoric beasts when Mike freaked out and wouldn’t go any farther. That was it for Science World until this week when I decided to take in the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit.  I can assure you that from now on when there’s an exhibit such as this I won’t hesitate to go back.  And if you have kids, there is plenty there to keep them amused and occupied without being scared stiff like little Mike was!

Science World at Telus World of Science is run by a non-profit organization and features permanent interactive exhibits and siplays as well as special exhibits such as the Da Vinci one.  The building itself is a spectacular design, visible from any point around False Creek with its lit-up dome.  During Expo ’86 it was used as the Expo Centre and later turned over to the community, known simply as Science World.
The Da Vinci – the Genius exhibit is one of the special exhibitions presented by Science World. It’s one of the most comprehensive collections ever compiled on Leonardo Da Vinci’s works, including his amazing inventions, anatomical sketches, reproduction so this most famous paintings and interactive presentations. No photographs are allowed in the exhibit itself.  You’ll be amazed to see how many of his inventions actually were developed for use in our modern world. And the detailed descriptions and analysis of his paintings including Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are something not to miss!

The Da Vinci exhibit ends on September 3 so don’t miss it!

In addition to the Da Vinci exhibition, I enjoyed wandering around the other exhibits where children and adults alike were having fun exploring and trying out the various displays such as in the puzzle room and the display of the human anatomy of life cycle.
In the Nature Science exhibit room:
The Pterosaur was a flying reptile of the Cretacious period. It could fly great distances, even cross continents!

Nature exhibit, Beaver and dam
Puzzle Room, fun for adults and kids!

 A 'piano' that plays when you walk on it!

 Play room

 An amusing sign in the room about sex education

Physical Fitness (interactive)
Science World will have new operating hours from September 8 to June 28, 2013, closed on Mondays except for statutory holiday Mondays.  Open Tuesday-Friday from 10 – 3. Saturday, Sunday and holidays open from 10 – 8. 

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