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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Add to Technorati FavoritesIt's time to do my preliminary travel planning. I always do this before I go on a trip so that I have some of the details already recorded of places I want to visit. This way I don't miss out on anything and also have the information I need about a place.

I'm leaving here June 8 and flying to London first. I'm hoping to explore some new areas of London and as I'll be staying in North London that will give me fresh opportunities.  On June 10 I'm taking the bus to Cardiff and Caerphilly to spend time with my cousins.  I love visiting Caerphilly, especially making my almost annual treks to the beautiful castle. As I grew up listening to my dad's stories about how he played in the castle, I always call it "my" castle.
Caerphilly Castle.
While I'm in Wales this time I want to visit the Cardiff Castle again as well. And then I'm going to take a day tour to Swansea to see the Dylan Thomas sites.

Cardiff Castle
Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea
On June 13th I'm going back to London for one night and hope to go on one of the London Walks.
I have a choice of three: "The Comic Side of London; The Ancient City at Night or West End ghost Walk.  Any of these will be fun. I usually go on at least one of the variety of walks each time in the London.
I fly to Athens on June 14, back to my 'second home' and many friends. I love Athens and look forward to seeing everyone and all the old familiar places. Whenever I'm in Greece I try to go to different areas where I have not visited before. My choice this year is the island of Zakynthos on the west coast.  I've been to Kefalonia, Ithaka and Lefkada before (and briefly once in Corfu) but never to Zakynthos. 

I had intended to go down the coast to visit the Palace of King Nestor (from the Iliad) but apparently it is closed for archaeological work. So instead, I may visit another part of Greece connected with the Troy Wars.  Pelion is named after King Peleus, father of Achilles. It's another beautiful area north of Athens on the east coast. From Volos there are various little villages that can be visited. And some nice beaches too.

Besides these to points of interest I'll probably make my usual pilgrimage to Delphi, maybe go to Naxos again if there's time and money enough. And there are always interesting day trips out of Athens. I'm always on the look-out for more material for travel stories so I love to explore new place.
And, if I get tired of doing that, I'll hang out at the beach with my friends and spend lots of time sitting around my favorite taverna, To Kati Allo. 

So keep an eye here for more blogs along the way.




Carol Ann Quibell said...

Sounds wonderful Ruth. I look fforward to hearing more.

Henry Thomas said...
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