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Monday, July 08, 2019


There are several places that I will make a return visit to this year on my visit to GREECE.

One if my favorite island, NAXOS, where I love to go every year to stay at Maragas Beach in the bed tents.  The people there know me as I go so often, and always make me feel so 'at home'.  

Besides the bed tents there is tenting, RV spaces and also cabins to rent.

There's a coffee shop, taverna and mini market. The beach there is fabulous.  And there is a convenient bus service into town.


Another place I will be sure to return to again this year is DELPHI.   It's been a couple of years since I made a pilgrimage there.   Delphi is one of the most sacred places in Greece,  you feel the spirit of the gods there among those ancient temples.


A third place I will return to is to visit the site of CHAIRONEIA, where a famous battle was fought between King Philip II of Macedon and the Athenians. in 338 BC.  I've been writing about this battle in my current novel DRAGONS IN THE SKY.  It is where the 18 yr old Alexander, in charge of the Macedonian cavalry, led them against the fabled Theban Sacred Band and totally annihilated them.  (The Sacred Band fought in pairs and each man stood by his partner until they both went down),.  

I've also been writing about DELPHI in my novel and that is why I want to return to both of these important places to get a fresh perspective.


This is the famous battle field of Chaironeia.  There is a stone lion by the roadside commemorating the battle. It stands by the roadside near a burial mound for the Thebans.  I visited this site some years ago and want to refresh my memory on the layout of the vast valley.

In addition, I am hoping to return to CRETE again this year to visit a few new, inspiring Minoan and other sites. 


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