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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wind surfing, Naxos

There has been no respite from the heat here and according to the weather reports, the temperatures are rising.  There isn't even a whisper of wind to cool things down.  So it's all you can do to walk around and that in itself is very exhausting.  There are a few tips to beating the heat (or at least, avoiding sun stroke or heat exhuastion)

1. Always remember to carry water (and drink lots of it), wear a hat, and sunscreen.
2.  Don't attempt any long or fast walk as you'll soon be exhausted and drenched with sweat. (You'll end up changing your clothes a couple of times a day as everything gets soaked.)
3. Don't attempt to go up to the Acropolis in the mid day as it will be like a frying pan up there.  Same thing goes for the beach.  The best times for the beach are morning (early) and evening as it is absolutely scorching on the sand.  Wear flip-flops or you'll burn your feet for sure!
4.  Take lots of cold showers, then lie naked on your bed with the fan blowing on you.  (if you are lucky enough to be in a hotel you'll likely have air conditioning, but where I am staying, I only have a fan.  And lord knows how hot it's going to be inside my tent when I'm camping!)

OKay those are just a few tips.  So far I've not got heat stroke but it can happen even if you obey these rules.
So I am really looking forward to being on the boat first thing Monday morning with the fresh sea breeze and a 5 hour journey to Naxos.

Next time you hear from me I'll be camping at Maragas Camping on Plaka Beach and soaking up a bit more sun.  But it will be cooler by the sea, I hope!
Aghia Ana Beach, Naxos


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