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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sometimes, no matter how organized you are and how precise you make your plans, things just don't work out.  I had my whole day planned today, getting up early for the bus to Pythagorian, so that it would allow me plenty of time to see the two major archaeological sites that I came to Samos to see.

I got there in good time this morning, walked over to take photos of the impressive statue of Pythagoras at the port, and then explored the old castle and museum inside it.  Then I stopped by the tourism place to ask about buses to the temple of Hera and the famous underground tunnel.  She told me there was a bus for Ierion but that I could walk to the tunnel.  I had intended to take Inka's advice and take a taxi there but decided to try the walk.  Unfortuantely, I missed the road turn-off and ended up walking god knows how many kilometers along the hot busy highway before turning back.  I realized I'd passed the turn off signs as they were not visible in the direction I'd been walking. And anyway, later I found it was all up-hill to get there!

I got back into town in time for the next bus to Ieorion which is near where the Hereion is.  When I got there I asked a lady about getting there and she pointed up the road and said I could walk it.  I trudged along for quite awhile and saw no signs of an archaeological site, so turned back and waited at the taxi stand.  If there is a taxi in that town, there must only be one. A bunch of people were already waiting and none came.  So I gave up in discouragement and went for lunch then caught the bus back to Pythagorian.  I never did even get a glimpse of the Temple of Hera.

Tunnel Entrance

At Pythagorian I asked a taxi driver to take me to the tunnel. He wasn't too enthusiastic and said it was closed as it was after 3 pm (however, I had a paper from the tourism that said it was open late). He begrudgingly waited me for when I explained I only wanted to take a couple of photos. This is an amazing feat of engineering from ancient times and is a world heritage site.  It was built under the mountain to transport water to Samos and it's over 1 km. long  It's regarded as one of the masterpiecess of ancient enginieering. Anyway, it was open and i went inside, squeezing down the narrow entranceway (if you are claustrophobic don't attempt it!) and into the main part of the tunnel which reminded me of the coal pits that I visited some time ago in Wales.  I only walked a little ways and took a couple of photos, then went back to
the taxi.  He charged me almost 15 euro for that little excursion!!

I had a couple of hours to kill in Pythagorion and I was so hot and tired I had an icecream soda and then went and soaked me feet in the water awhile.  Eventually killed the two hours time before my bus back to Samos came.

So here I am hot and tired and I didn't write nearly the creative blog I'd intended but I will do another one with lots more details about the Temple of Hera,  Pythagorian town, and the amazing tunnel!

I'm back to Athens tomorrow and looking forward to some days of just vegging out, washing my clothes, visiting friends, and hanging out at the To Kati Allo.

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