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Sunday, June 17, 2007


The Blue Star Ferry was already crowded with passangers coming from Santorini when I boarded at .30 this morning. I found a coveredsahy spot on the top deck with a bit of refreshing breeze to cool the air and parked myself for the duration of the 6 hour trip. I took some movie film of the departure from Naxos (as well as those I took on the bus tour). So I'm leaving with good memories in spite of the dilemma I found myself in. My time on the islands has been excellent though, had I known how the things would turn out, I'd have skipped Amorgos and returned to Athens a few days sooneer. The main thing is, I love Naxos and now I have all the updated tour information I needed to write about it. So in spite of the unexpected money disaster, it was definitely not a wasted trip. In fact, I consider my island tours as part of my 'work' as a travel journalist and hope I can do justice in writing articles about these experiences.

By 3.30 we were pullinginto Pireaus harbour and by 4 pm I was 'home' again sitting in Christina's courtyard with an iced glass of soda, contemplating my next ten days here in Athens.

One more thing I look forward to which will put the crown on this wonderful holiday is the possibility of visiting my village,Lala, with my friend dinaz. If we go, it will make my time here complete. And if we are unable to go, I'll accept that it wasn't in my 'moira' to return there again.

Now I'm just relieved to be back here with my friends, and will try not to spoil my lst days in Greece worrying about things.

***July 17. PS. Whew! bailed out by a very kind and generous friend. Now I can breathe freely again! Thanks Buddy, your help is very much appreciated.


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