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Saturday, June 16, 2007


June 8.
Had another busy day today running around town on various gquests nd errnds, some of which proved futiles. I was trying to buy tickets to the Haris
Alexiou concert June 15 but didn't succeed. We did find some great Greek CDs at Virgin and later went shopping for sourveniers and eventually, after various unsuccessful attempts, found Carola's tourist office (Trouble was, the number 4 written on the address looked like {"21") Anyway, managed to pay for our Mykonos studio and booked one for Naxos right on the beach. Anna Britt and i are leaving on the 10 a.m. ferry tomorrow, plan to spend a couple of dys there then go on to Amorgos. Vesa and Joonas are leaving tomorrow for Finland so we all had a nice unch together at the TKA and made little speechees about how this Assembly has meant so much to eachof us, both spiritually and inspirationally for our personal goals and aspiration. We have already started talking about the next Assembly in 2009.

While we were sitting there being philosophical, there was great crashing across the narrow road as the wreckers demolished Waverly's apartment. They have erected a kind of screen (very flimsy!) over the scaffolding above the sidewalk and it appeared as if the big chunks of cement would come righ down on the road below where cars and pedestrians pass (and we were sitting enjoying our lunch). The workemn on top of the rubble had no safety helmets, no work gloves and likely no steel-toed boots. This is Greece!

This evening I'm meeting Carola and Chris and Deb in the Veikou plateia for coffee, then meeting Anna Britt later at the TKA. Deb isn't coming to Naxos with us as she wants to get to Skaithos and spend some time looking up old acquintences and reconstructing herself. So it's kalo taxidi to her as well.
The Assembly has now been officially dismissed until next tim.


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