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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'd always wanted to visit the island of Amorgos and through the contact of a travel agent who worked there I was encouraged to come so my friend A.B. and I took the boat over from Naxos. This is a view of the harbour at Aegiali taken from the luxury resort up on the mountain side.
We were housed in a pension room right on the beach. This is a view of Aegiali town just as the sun was setting. We liked the little town but felt slightly 'abandoned' by the tour agent who, we had expected, would find us better accomodations and show us some hospitality which didn't happen. Aegiali was a hippie haunt in the late 60's and '70's and isn't a hot tourist spot, although it's a pretty little bay and the beach is quite nice there. We also liked the people we met and had a meal at one particularly nice beach-side taverna near our pension. Actually, if I had stayed longer, I'd have made it my 'hangout'.

Here's the beautiful sunset view from our balcony. (The view was nicer than the room!)
You can read all about our Amorgos adventure (or mis-adventure) in my blogs written while I was there.
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