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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Like Naxos, Amorgos has some very spectacular scenery. The road winds along the cliff-edge with breath-taking views of the sea below. The bus service isn't so great there, as far as trying to time things to make connections. We wanted to see the famous monastary carved into the cliff and the day turned into quite an ordeal. Looking back at the photos, though, I realize there were some fabulous Kodak moments. Yes, the sea really is that colour!
This is the famous Moni Hozoviotissis which we made a special trip to see. It's an 11th century monastary perched percariously on a cliff overlook the sea. A few monks still live there all year round. We had to walk up from the highway where the bus dropped us off, and climb a steep stairway. When we reached the monastary I discovered you had to be totally covered with a SKIRT, no - trousers wouldn't do! I had come all that way and couldn't get in! After waiting inside the shaded entry way for ages, a woman came down the steps and offered me her towel to wear as a skirt. But by that time the sanctuary was closed so I never did get to see inside. Then, when we made our way back down the stairs and along the road to where the bus stopped we discovered we'd missed the bus! That meant a long slog up the highway in the intense mid-day heat (not a speck of shade to be found) to the next town where we had to resort to a cab to get down to the town of Katopolo in order to find a bus back to Aegiali. By the end of that day we were not in the best of moods. However, a cooling swim, a relaxing time on the beach, and we got over our 'disappointment' of the day.

One of the best rewards of our island stay were the beautiful sunsets.
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