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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Every time I go to Greece, I make a pilgrimage to Delphi. This is one of the high-energy, holiest places on earth. In fact, it was known as the "naval of the earth". Pilgrims came here in ancient times to consult to oracle at the Temple of Apollo. Nothing was transacted, whether it was business or wars, without first consulting the oracle. This is the Temple of Apollo, and you can still feel the energy there.

The Tholos is another of the beautiful temple structures at Delphi. It was a round building with pillars but this is all that remains. I'm not sure exactly what it was for but it's one of the spectacular places that somehow you always want to return to.

Delphi is high up in the mountains of Parnassus, tinged with pink and violet, an amazing sight. Far down below in the chasm are the dense wild olive groves growing along a river that leads out to the Corinthian Gulf. I have many special memories of Delphi, the best one being the first visit I made there in the late '70's when I arrived in the evening with a Greek friend and we camped out in the open. That night there was a full moon and meteorites dazzling across the sky. When we woke in the morning, we were sleeping near the edge of the chasm. The view was breathtaking. Delphi really is a magical place.
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