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Sunday, June 08, 2008


As my blog readers know, I also edit/publish a new Travel e-zine TRAVEL THRU HISTORY
I'm thrilled with the response I'm getting from this site, including the excellent contributions of travel writing from all around the world.

One of my contributors, Paolo Fornari, has some of her photos in a contest and would appreciate you having a look. It's an interesting concept, this collection of photos. Here's a little blurb that Paola sent me to explain it:

Come and share how expat women see their itinerant lives!

Voting is open in the photography competition of the Italian section of The aim of the competition is to build bridges between Italian women abroad, to communicate our life experiences outside our borders, to observe our host country and share it with our friends scattered around the world, and to transmit through images the feelings which surround expatriate living.

In order to vote, you need to register: it’s a simple procedure, and your data will be protected. You will receive no spam. It’s simply to avoid people submitting multiple votes: you can vote for up to three photos.

Simply go to: then click on ‘registrati’. After that you can login, click on Il termine per l'invio delle foto รจ scaduto. Sono aperte le votazioni’, and vote!

Take a look. There's some wonderful photos on display there!

On the new travel plans news: I'm leaving on Tuesday for a road trip, by Greyhound, to California. It's been several years since I was there except for passing through LAX. The main purpose of the journey is to attend the graduation of my grandson Mike from the U. of Santa Barbara. But I decided to make it a real 'family reunion' trip, so I opted on taking the bus so I could stop first at San Francisco to visit my cousin Harold who I haven't seen in 30 years, and after the grad at Santa Barbara, I'll go on to Bakersfield to visit my Auntie. While I'm down there of course I'll keep my eye open for good travel stories, and I'll try to post on this blog so you can share in my adventures. Stay tuned! I'm anxious to get out of this cold, wet weather and I hear it's 80 in S.F. So I've packed my swim suit and sun-block and away I go, riding into the California sunshine!

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