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Friday, August 10, 2012


Granville Island boat houses, a work of art.

Even the way these racing canoes are lined up is artistic.

  I always enjoy spending an afternoon browsing around Granville Island.  Sometimes it's just to look around the Farmer's Market, other times I've gone there to attend events at the various theatres and the Performance Works. But the last time I visited, while meandering along the False Creek path by the line-up of boat houses, I discovered something new to focus on:  the Granville Island art.

An unsual sculpture with moving parts that reflects Granville Island's industrial past.

Industrial Art

Cement Trucks

Seagull cement worker

The Island, which once was just an industrial area, is a perfect location of artists to display and market their work. In the quiet atmosphere, the picturesque surroundings, away from the bustle of downtown, you can relax and browse around enjoying the variety of art works that are on display. And Granville Island is also the home of the Emily Carr art school, allowing an easy access and appropriate venue for the artists to show their sometimes quirky but always interesting pieces of work.

Here's a few that I discovered on that Sunday afternoon walk.
First Nations carvers workshop


Rocking  Horse

There are miniature boat shows on the Island too.

I found this gallery located behind some of the main buildings by the False Creek.  There were some unusual sculptures on display there.

One of my favorites was this fountain made of saxophones.

A funny rooster

Sidewalk art.

This icecream cone made me want to hurry to the market to buy myself a treat!

Besides the visual art you'll also find musicians entertaining at the Market Square.

Hurdy-gurdy player

And beautiful displays of flowers.

Inside the Farmer's Market even the produce is artistically displayed!

Everywhere you look on Granville Island you will find art!