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Sunday, April 19, 2009


One month to go and I'll be heading overseas with my sister and niece. We're flying to London first, then going to Caerphilly Wales for a family reunion. On Jun 1 we head for Athens, Greece where I'll be celebrating my Big birthday with friends on the Hill of the Nymphs. I'll have lots more details about this and the other plans for Greece which include some Island hopping and a quick trip to Kusadasi Turkey.

My computer is out of commission at the moment so I can't post photos and as soon as I'm able I'll be putting up an itinerary of the planned journey which includes a side-trip for the day to Salisbury where I want to go on a hop-on-hop-off tour around Old Sarum and Stonehenge. This is a research trip to refresh my mind before resuming work on a work-in-progress historical novel I started some time ago and shelved. and in Caerphilly we'll be meeting a lot of new-found relatives. Pretty exciting stuff.

The plans for the birthday party are taking shape. My Norwegian friend Anne Britt is coming down with a group of Norwegians, my Finnish friends are coming, so is Patrick from Germany. As well the whole Athens gang has been notified.

This time my sister is coming with me as well as her daughter and it's the first time any of my family have visited Greece to see my old haunts and meet my friends there. So it will be a great occasion indeed.

Watch for more news and details of the great adventure as it unfolds.

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