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Monday, April 25, 2011


On Good Friday I took a neighbourhood walk down to the foreshore where there are three little parks overlooking the harbour and Burrard Inlet.  The first one is called "The Meditation Park".  I love to go there and sit on the bench enjoying the view and contemplating life.

The mountains that day were incredibly clear and I had this wonderful view of The Lions, one of Vancouver's most famous landmarks on the North Shore.

You get a good view of the Burrard Inlet shipping lanes and docks from these little parks.  You're no longer allowed to go down along the road that leads along the waterfront, but from up on the foreshore ridge you can see east and west and take in the views of our industrious harbour.

A little farther along at the next foreshore park, there are pretty flower gardens and lovely houses with interesting yards.  There are flower beds along the curbs as well.  It's a quiet street, not much traffic, and when I ride my bike I often come along here and cycle down to New Brighton Park where there is a swimming pool and a pleasant green picnic or play area as well as walks along the shore.

This is one particularly attractive little 'fountain' set up in one of the yards.  I think it fits very well with the theme of 'meditation'. 

I love this little curb side garden with a flowering magnolia and some interesting small irises.  I learned recently that the magnolia has been around since the age of the dinosaurs.  The reason it has no leaves is because it is pollinated by beetles.  Isn't that interesting?  At this time of year there are lots of magnolias (also called 'tulip trees') blooming around Vancouver.

This day I didn't walk as far as New Brighton, but stopped at each of the 3 little meditation parks to rest and clear my head.  After all, it was a day of meditation.  Then I walked back up one of the quiet residential streets and, as usual, took a different route to look at the lovely old houses and gardens along the way back to my home.

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1 comment:

Colleen Friesen said...

Sounds like a beautiful walk. I was right there with you. Nature is such a medicine :)