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Thursday, November 08, 2012

MY WEEKEND IN SEATTLE: PART IV: A Fun Evening at Pike Brewery and Pub

Pike Brewery & Pub
The first night I arrived in Seattle I went out for a neighbourhood walk and was delighted to come across the Pike Brewery & Pub just a block up the street. I decided to stop for a pint and have a look around as it looked like a pretty happening place, packed full of merrymaking folk enjoying the lively pub atmosphere.

Pike's Pub serves all the brews made by the Pike Brewery which is also part of the premises.  It's said to be Seattle's 'classic shrine to beer'. It reminded me somewhat of a British pub, but much larger than most British pubs would be, with various areas for sitting with a beer or dining. There's even a Beer Museum. It features ales and beers brewed on the premises as well as local wines, cheeses and a temping pub-meal menu reasonably priced.
Cute wall mural
The bar was crowded with drinkers and diners so I had to wait for a little while to get a seat for dinner, although I could have sat at the bar area.  As it was my first night in town I wanted to treat myself to something special so I ordered a plate of fresh clams stewed in a delicious savory coconut sauce complimented by a tall glass of Pike's Indian Pale Ale.

I went back the following day to look around and sample another pint of ale.  I discovered the Beer Museum in the back room and spent some time browsing there, looking at pictures and write-ups explaining the history of beer from Egyptian times on.  There's an interesting collection of beer bottles and various types of steins on display as well.

The pub is open 11 am to midnight daily.  PIKE PLACE MARKET AREA
1415 First Ave. Seattle WA

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