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Saturday, August 15, 2015


I've been doing my usual pre-trip research and looking into various 'new' destinations in Greece. Each time I visit there I like to see at least one new place as well as visiting my old favorites.

For certain I'll be returning to Naxos and to Maragas Beach where I have spent many happy times camping. I missed going there last year so this time I plan on trying to spend a week at the beach. I won't be toting my little crawl-into tent though. I've decided to rent a bed-tent and give that a try. If it doesn't prove comfortable I can always opt for a room. This is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever visited and I just love being there, swimming, relaxing and having my usual beach picnic, and watching the gorgeous Naxos sunset.

 Maragas Beach

Naxos is a very interesting island with a Venetian influence. I've done the round-the-island tour several times and always enjoy it. And spending an afternoon exploring the old Venetian castle is always fun.

Venetian Castle
Venetian style vaulted streets
Great seafood tavernas

Exploring the island's villages

Visiting the island's Kitron brewery (a traditional drink made from lemons) 

I've written a few stories about Naxos, one in particular about camping there.

Maragas Beach Camping 

One place I've always been curious about is the Pelion Peninsula. This is the legendary home of the Centaurs and has been occupied since the Bronze Age.  There are many quaint villages in this mountainous area as well as some loved beaches. 

I have been investigating a traditional village called Tsangaradha which is not too many miles from the main port of Volos and a bit inland from the sea (with sea views). Another choice might be Zagora where there is an ancient castle ruin. 

Both these villages are accessible from Volos by bus. I could easily visit both too as they are not far apart. 

My other choices were the island of Chios but, depending on finances (due to the current drop in the looney) I may not be able to afford going there this time as it's farther up north off the Turkish coast. There's some interesting villages on Chios which is the place where mastic comes from, that resiny gum-like substance used for chewing or flavoring. 

 Chios windmills

 The village of Pyrgi with it's unique architecture

No matter where my wandering leads me in Greece I know it will be another thrilling new experience and I'm sure to come away with happy memories and lots of new travel stories.


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